Effect of hydropower on ecological environment

The flood control, water supply, power generation and shipping functions of the water conservancy and hydropower projects are the ecological protection functions in essence.

Flood and waterlogging disasters, causing a large number of personnel and property losses, greatly damage the human ecology.

The serious ecological disaster caused by the shortage of water resources can only be solved by the regulation of water storage in reservoirs.

At present, the biggest ecological problem is the excessive emission of carbon dioxide, and clean power generation is the most important ecological protection.

The fuel consumption of shipping is only 1/7 of that of road traffic. After the rivers are transformed into reservoir, the fossil fuel consumption will be greatly reduced. (After the impoundment of the Three Gorges, the unit energy consumption of shipping was reduced by 46%, equivalent to saving nearly 10 million tons of coal.)

In fact, the construction of the hydropower dam is one of the few environmental protection projects. After the completion, almost all the reservoir dams become scenic tourist resorts in the world