The ceremony of Zhaoheng Holdings to donate Qiulin Senior High School for Ezhou was held

“Qiulin Senior High School”, located in Echeng District, Ezhou City, was invested by Zhaoheng Holdings, which officially enrolled students in the autumn of 2006. It is also the first civil and public school with public welfare in Ezhou. The school covers 180mu, with 45 classes, 1,800 students as well as complete teaching, living and sports facilities. Its construction greatly facilitates the graduates of junior middle school of Tingzu, Yangye, Huahu and Bishi in Echeng District to attend high school nearby. “Qiulin Senior High School” was named after one character respectively from the name of the parents of Chairman Xu Guosheng.

Chairman Xu Guosheng recalled his hard-won learning experience in the ceremony, and deeply realized the important role of education in personal growth. Now his career has made progress, and it is incumbent on him to do his part for education in his hometown. He said he would continue to care about and support the education construction in his hometown. The frugal Chairman Xu Guosheng insists on the principle of “incorruptness”. He gave the students of Qiulin Senior High School the word that “be incorrupt both when studying in Qiulin and after graduating from Qiulin” – Laozi said, “as good as water”. The characteristic of water is also clear, I hope that we these rural students always remember “incorruptness” and remain uncorrupted, and the applause continued for a long time.

On the morning of April 8, the ceremony of Zhaoheng Holdings to donate Qiulin Senior High School was held in Qiulin Senior High School of Ezhou. Zhaoheng Holdings donated “Qiulin Senior High School” worth more than RMB 60 million to the People's Government of Echeng District of Ezhou, which was also the largest fixed asset donation received by the Charity General Committee of Hubei Province since its establishment.

At the donation ceremony, Jiang Daguo, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Congress, presented Zhaoheng with the medal and certificate of “Charity Enterprise in Hubei” awarded by the provincial government, which was the highest honor in the field of charity and public welfare in Hubei Province.