"The development of enterprise relies on the employees",

"Employees are the greatest wealth of an enterprise"。

Zhaoheng Hydropower Group is fully aware of that the enterprise can’t forget the interests of employees during leaping development and can develop smoothly only after doing good and practical things for employees. The company gives full play to the role of party members to communicate with the employees. Under the leadership of the party branch and the trade union, the company actively promotes the common growth and progress of employees and the company through different forms of actions to guide employees’ thinking, protects and care their work and life.

Organize cultural exchange, running, hiking, basketball, badminton, fitness class and other cultural and sports activities to enhance the cohesive force in enterprise and enrich the life of employees.

Care for the employee career planning. Provide continuing education opportunities and build a platform for employee capability improvement

Conduct field visit to the employees with difficulties, and help them in a targeted manner.

Take good care of employees' life, organize and hold major festival activities and employee birthday parties, etc., so as to enhance the sense of ownership of employees.