Within the 200 years since the first industrial revolution, large-scale exploitation of non-renewable energy has reached an all-time peak, which will eventually exhaust the resources for the 7 billion people on the earth. The war, environment, climate and other problems caused by energy competition have warned us that our living environment is deteriorating and the way to obtain energy at the cost of destroying human living space will not be sustainable.

Over the past decade, the exploration and practice of Zhaoheng Hydropower in the field of renewable energy sources have created more possibilities for its future development. With the maturity of a series of natural energy application technologies such as solar energy, wind energy, marine energy and geothermal energy, the future developmental potential is immeasurable.

For human beings, the effective and mature application technology of natural energy sources in the earth's ecology is just beginning. In this field, a series of innovations and breakthroughs in product technology may be triggered, so as to make the earth cleaner and more livable in the future.

Seizing the strategic opportunities and standing on the existing basis, Zhaoheng Hydropower gives full play to its advantages, relies on technical progress, strengthens operating management, improves profitability and asset value, and further makes full use of domestic and international capital markets and various financing means and forms of cooperation, intensifies construction and merger and acquisition, and strives to realize a new step in the total installed capacity in 2018.

Zhaoheng Hydropower will continue to provide clean and renewable green power for the market, provide investors with an inexhaustible source of wealth, make contributions to the coordinated development of the country's economic and social environment, and lead the small hydropower industry in innovation.