Unique central control, chain and flat management mode

  • The management mode of Zhaoheng is similar to the chain store management mode in the retail industry, and the head responsibility system is implemented;
  • The functional department of the headquarters directly coordinate with the power station to eliminate unnecessary administrative barriers;
  • This management mode can quickly integrate new acquisitions and new power stations, which facilitates the company to achieve lateral extension and the embodiment of scale effect;
  • Achieve effective cost control in management, operation, maintenance and other aspects through overall arrangement and management.

Powerful management tool integrates into daily management

  • OA is a platform for unified deployment by the headquarters of the company, to realize office automatization, cross-regional and cross-departmental cooperation, and efficient financial examination and approval, administrative examination and approval, and important information release, etc.
  • ERP/EAM is an extremely important platform for equipment management and overhaul management in the company's assets management system.
  • The document management system of Zhaoheng covers the unified standard classification and coding of documents in the finance, legal, operation, infrastructure and acquisition departments, etc.; implement authority management, perform regular disaster recovery backup mechanism, achieve electronic data of financial voucher for the headquarters to facilitate easy query and audit at any time, and save audit fee.
  • Implement a real-time reporting system of daily production report, monthly report and important event. Cover the maintenance-free equipment, computer network, camera, digital monitoring system and other modern intelligent equipment in all aspects of the system-wide power station, tracks and monitors the production data, equipment status and emergency of more than 100 power stations across 9 provinces of China in real time. Gradually transform the power stations into smart ones with fewer people on duty.

Perfect management and performance assessment system

  • Focus on improving performance
  • Multi-angle assessment
  • Just, fair and open
  • The performance assessment of all employees is related to the generating capacity