Conduct independent development for hydropower station selectively

Comprehensively evaluate the geographical location, project cost, financial rate of return and other aspects, and demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed project.

Geographical location: Give priority to the reservoir project sites adjacent to the existing assets and with regulating ability in the upstream.

Other feasibility analyses: Taking full account of natural conditions, hydrological conditions, geological conditions, local power demand, environmental protection, cost, economic interests and other factors, we carefully select exploitable projects.

Project cost: The project cost is lower than the same industry level, and the internal rate of return reaches the company standard.

Efficiency improvement and technical innovation of existing assets

Evaluate the feasibility of efficiency improvement and technical innovation of assets with potential, and carry out technical transformation for assets with lower cost and obvious efficiency. Further improve the operational efficiency of assets in line with the policy by using the funds of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources for rural hydropower efficiency improvement and extension and renovation.

Design and construction

Attach great importance to the professional design and the economic benefit of construction.

Employ high-level professional organizations to design, to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the facilities and equipment after production.

Control the construction cost and adopt competitive bidding process if a third party contractor is hired; and generally use high-quality home equipment to improve the economic efficiency in case of self-construction.